The Story, the People, and the Organizations

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The Story, the People, and the Organizations Empty The Story, the People, and the Organizations

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The Story, the People, and the Organizations Dblack10

The Story
Ten years ago, the moon and starts disappeared. The planet was enveloped in a false sky, and two inscrutable and abnormal territories appeared on the planet: Heaven’s Gate in Brazil and Hell’s Gate in Japan. Space and time within the areas followed no rules, and few knew exactly what lay within the Gates. At the same time, strange beings known as Contractors appeared. During this time, people possessing various special abilities emerged, each capable of different supernatural feats - these are known as Contractors. Kept secret from the masses, these individuals are known to murder in cold blood, smothering unnecessary emotions with logic and rationale.

A war soon began in Brazil, which came to be known as Heaven’s War, and many Contractors took part in it. However, five years ago, Heaven’s Gate suddenly disappeared, taking with it everything inside the Gate and directly around it. Thousands of lives were lost, and thousands more went missing. Now only Hell’s Gate stands, and it has been sealed off by a large, reflective wall.

The Story, the People, and the Organizations ScreenHunter_11_Dec_14_01_45

You are members of MI6, Britain’s secret agency. Whether human, Contractor, or Doll, you have been chosen for your elite abilities, whether you deal in intelligence, the sciences, or your superb fighting ability. Your select group has been tasked with solving some of the mysteries of the Gate and the Contractors, and follow the orders given by your superiors to that end. Your journey begins in Britain, awaiting the orders for your first assignment.

The People
The Story, the People, and the Organizations Darker_than_black1
Contractor – The central figures of this adventure. Normal people that had been given strange powers from an unknown source after the appearance of the Gates. In exchange for their powers, they exist as purely logical (and some might say cold-blooded) machines. Many Contractors eventually end up working for powerful organizations, as their complete lack of personal ethics makes them the perfect soldiers. At least, that’s what they are supposed to be. All Contractors are linked to a star and given Messier numbers. When the star falls, the Contractor had died.
--Powers – Every contractor has a certain power. The use of it produces what is known as a “synchrotron light radiation,” which makes the user’s body glow blue and their pupils shine red. The power can range from simple (fire generation, lightning speed) to complex (switching two objects’ locations, causing certain objects to fly fast in a certain direction)
--Remuneration – These beings are called “Contractors” because of the payment they must make every time they use their power. It is usually a compulsive behavior, and one that must be repeated after every use of the power, and it is largely unavoidable. The failure to pay a contract is a thought that most Contractors can’t bear. They range from mundane or even enjoyable (smoking a cigarette, singing) to horrifying (breaking one’s own fingers, drinking the blood of children). It is possible to pay off a contract completely, allowing the Contractor unlimited use of his/her power, but the feat is incredibly rare, and the circumstances for fulfilling it are virtually unknown.

The Story, the People, and the Organizations Dtbgotm_22
Doll – A being that came into existence at the same time as Contractors. They have not only lost their emotion, but nearly all semblance of personality and free will. A Doll will act on its own if given no explicit orders (albeit distantly, as if it’s lost), but will follow unfailingly any orders given to it by a human or Contractor. An non-programmed Doll will follow any orders given to them without hesitation or emotion, but it is possible to “load” preset personalities and memories into one. There are rumors Dolls can take on a life of their own, but these rumors are unconfirmed.
--Surveillance Specter – All Dolls possess the unique ability to project a ghost-like force into a given medium to gather information on the world around them. Known as Surveillance Specters, they appear as ghostly blue lights with vaguely face-like black spots, and they send information directly back to their Dolls. Specters can only travel through a single particular medium for each Doll (glass, metal, water), and can only be seen by Contractors or other Dolls.
--Surveillance Network – PANDORA, seeing the usefulness of Dolls, keep a large number of Dolls in tanks in their headquarters, whose coordinated Surveillance abilities gives them a wide range of sight. These Dolls can only use power lines as mediums. Anything hooked up to a power grid or within sight of something that is, is seen by the Network.

The Organizations
PANDORA (Physical Alteration Natural Deconstruction Organized Research Agency) – A UN-operated research facility dedicated to studying the phenomena of Hell's Gate. Located within the walls surrounding the Gate, an international team of scientists examine the properties of the gate via manned and unmanned expeditions within. PANDORA has a heavily armed security force, consisting of armed soldiers possibly of various nationalities and armored vehicles, meant to protect its facilities and personnel. Due to its close proximity to the Gate, workers within the walls are prone to “ghost” sightings, erratic behavior, or sudden emotional breakdowns.
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department – One of the few organizations left that hasn’t been overtly corrupted, they are a small police officer trying its best to fend off pressure from giant, overbearing organizations obsessed with the Gate.
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan – A research agency monitoring the false sky for details on the Contractors linked to the fake stars. They report activities, movements, and shooting stars to gather information on what the Contractors around the world are up to.
CIA – Following the loss of the dominant superpower position, the CIA strives to restore the United States to her former glory by engaging in various international subvert operations
MI6 – Much like the CIA, Britain’s intelligence agency has operators in Japan spying on the Gate and carrying out secret missions.
The Syndicate – A mysterious underground organization with no apparent objective. Its operatives work with both Contractors and Dolls to achieve their objectives, and even have access to M.E. technology in order to erase sightings of their affairs from witness' minds. The Syndicate makes extensive use of "word of mouth" communication in relaying both missions and operative status.


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