[PC] Ori (if he has a last name he doesn't know it)

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[PC] Ori (if he has a last name he doesn't know it) Empty [PC] Ori (if he has a last name he doesn't know it)

Post  uuconfreak on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:11 pm

Type: Contractor
Race/Nationality: Australian
Physical Appearance: Height: 5'8'', Skin Color: Tan, Body type: Lean, Hair: His hair has two layers, top is white and the bottom is black. He usually wears the white up in pony tail and leaves the black down. His natural eye color is dark gray but he is mostly blind in his left eye due to an accident in the past and so his pupil and iris both look light grey. In public he usually wears a black suite with a white tie, a white belt, and white shoes. He is generally immaculate.
Personality: Standoffish. He doesn’t like people much. In his spare time he researches light natural and manmade and experiments with it. He also likes to research random facts that no one really needs to know and spouts them off as he sees fit. He is an ass most of the time and is generally overconfident. He is very single minded and often gets so involved in a task he forgets that other people are there or that the world exists. His voice is deep and he has a heavy Australian accent. He follows orders and generally goes about finding out any and all information about the job they are doing. He generally has a pretty detailed plan but understands that deviations now and then are necessary. He writes everything down. After missions you will commonly see him writing down the experience in full detail, often while blindfolded. He is especially obsessive compulsive about cleanliness, though others lack of cleanliness doesn’t bother him, only his own.
Background: He has no past. He was brought to MI6 by the Australian government 3 years ago and has no memory of anything prior to that. If he has any memory he doesn't tell anyone.
Dialogue Color: white
--Atheletics: C
--Firearms: E
--Melee Combat: D
--Stealth: C
--Power: A
Power: Light manipulation. By pointing an open palm at a light source he can manipulate it in any number of ways: dim it, amplify it, focus it, reflect it, or steal it. When stolen, eh can then release that light from his palm in the form of a sustained glow, bright flash, or focused beam to burn people. With an increased rating in the power category, he can steal more light, hold it for longer, and manipulate more forms of light (screens, lasers, ambeience).
Remuneration: He must completely obscure his vision for a brief period of time, whether by blind fold, or any other way available. The length of time is dependent on how much light he manipulates, as decided by the GM.
Messier number: JY527
Codename: September

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