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Post  Damascus on Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:31 pm

Your characters have all come to Japan from whatever organization they are working for, and are setting out to solve the mystery of the Gate and Contractors. The RP will be based on whatever it is they are hired to do.

It will be largely freeform, remember to keep combative actions fair and civil. Never assume an action is a complete success when it is aimed toward another character, and if in doubt, ask the GM.

When using a Power or Surveillance Specter, describe the action in blue font, which will signify either the synchrotron light reaction or blue glow of a Specter. If the action depends on the GM to tell you whether or not it succeeds, simply leave the action open-ended.

For example, if your power is to manipulate gravity and soar from one rooftop to another, you may describe the action fully, unless someone reasonably interferes. However, if you are grasping someone’s head and preparing to electrocute them, please only write that you are activating your ability. What happens next is dependent on the GM and the other players’ actions.

In combat, players will take turns giving a short description of their actions, and when two player characters fight, I as the GM will compare the applicable proficiencies (Guns if person A is shooting, and Athletics if person B is dodging) and describe the result of the conflict.

Warning: While Contractors do feel emotional sometimes, and have moods, they always act rationally and don't let their feelings get in the way of their thought process. It isn't that they don't FEEL emotional, but they don't ACT emotional. Make sure your Contractor character follows that guideline. The way a Contractor feels and acts is best summed up in a quote from Mao:

"It's common knowledge that Contractors act rationally, regardless of their situation. They are able to remain calm and collected while devising a sensible solution. Is it because they know no fear? No, Contractors can be scared out of their wits, just like anyone else. What makes them different is that they don't act on their emotions, but rather rationally assess their situation."

The same rule applies to Dolls, but less severely. In fact, anyone who has prolonged contact with a Doll may detect a hidden layer of humanity, but it is never seen in passing contact. Overtly expressing emotion and/or personality is not a great idea.


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