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Post  Damascus on Wed May 11, 2011 5:15 pm

Subject: Secret Intelligence Service – Decade Division
Objective: Secure the Contractor “HAVOC” and transport the Contractor to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo.

Your mission is to secure the Contractor AB-587, otherwise known by the codename “HAVOC.” She is to be secured by any means possible. Unless attacked, refrain from using lethal force. HAVOC is not to be harmed. Following successful containment, the Contractor is to be transported to Tokyo, to the Chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, Mr. YOSHIMITSU HŌRAI. Once there, you will await further orders.
This Contractor was involved in Heaven’s War, where she was responsible for the death of 3,529 civilians and 523 armed combatants. Her power is insufficiently studied, but appears to be able to create sinkholes in the ground, resulting in heavy structural damage in its surroundings. The use of her power often results in the collapse of buildings, resulting in grievous injury or death. She has been known to kill and drink the blood of children to fulfill her contract.
This Contractor is extremely dangerous. She has been known to kill and cause harm to civilians, especially children. Exercise extreme caution when approaching or dealing with HAVOC.
Special Operations have tracked down HAVOC’s location to Târgovişte, Romania, 79 km northwest of Bucharest, in the captivity of NICOLAE IONESCU, a drug dealer. Sources indicate that he willing to accept payment in exchange for the Contractor.
Agents NOVEMBER 11, JANUARY, MARCH, and SEPTEMBER are to fly to Bucharest and travel 79 km northwest to Târgovişte by DN71 in utmost secrecy and make contact Mr. IONESCU to negotiate transfer of the Contractor HAVOC.


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