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Name: Thomas Webb
Type: Contractor
Gender: male
Age: 28
Race/Nationality: American/Irish
Physical Appearance: Average height with light brown hair, blue eyes that can seem green or grey at times, and freckles. He can usually be seen wearing purple and always wears gloves.
Personality: Very good at pretending to have emotions, but really doesn't give two shits about humanity. He views them on the same level as any other animal that inhabits the planet. He enjoys irony and schadenfreude. Tends to view things from the big picture. He is usually very polite, but when pressed will be brutally honest.
Background: Thomas was born in America to an american mother and english father. He's always had a big penchant for books and knowledge, so he was a very good student and commonly found in libraries. As he was very focused on his studies he never took the time to have any steady relationships. He especially excelled in biology and chemistry and was going to go into some sort of research science job, but during his first semester of college, his mother, who had separated from his father, died in a car accident. He had to move in with his father in London and attend a college in Europe. After the gate incident, he decided to join MI6 just to see what was going on. Three years later, he became a contractor.
Dialogue Color: Indigo!
Proficiencies: You have a total number of points to distribute among the following proficiencies, the cost of which are listed right here: (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1) If your character is a trained fighter, he/she gets 14 points. If you specialize in intelligence, science or other non-combat oriented positions, you get 7.
--Atheletics: D
--Firearms: D
--Melee Combat: D
--Stealth: B
--Power: B

Power: Can steal other people's memories by touching their head. Can be forgotten though and if forgotten will be returned to the person he stole them from.

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