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Name: Emma Kayleigh Sherman
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race/Nationality: white, American (German/British/Swedish ancestry)
Physical Appearance: Straight blonde hair in a hime cut, average height with an athletic body, blue eyes, sun-tanned, attractive but wholesome. Wears a gold cross necklace at all times along with pink cat-ear hair clips.

[PC] Emma Sherman Emma10

Personality: Enthusiastic about almost everything she puts her mind to, she can be a sore loser, but tries to keep her temper in check by sticking to an optimistic and faithful outlook. Very chaste and easily embarrassed, especially when one finds out certain hobbies of hers.
Background: Born and raised in an upper middle class neighborhood in Lubbock, Texas. Her parents were supportive almost to a fault, and encouraged her to participate in every activity she could for Jesus. At her high school, she's the president of the celibacy club, secretary of the anime club, and is known for accomplishments in track and cheer-leading. Currently in Japan via her school's exchange program and her church's international witnessing program.
Dialogue Color: pink~!!! (html hex code "#FF6EC7")
--Atheletics: C
--Firearms: E
--Melee Combat: E
--Stealth: D

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