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Name: Jozef Ben-Ari
Type: Contractor
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race/Nationality: Jewish, Israeli/Polish, born in the US (Chicago, IL), living in England.
Physical Appearance: 6'0", slightly muscled, tan-olive skin tone, brown hair in dreadlocks and slight facial scruff, brown eyes, black tattoos on his upper back and arms, continuing to his hands. Ears are slightly gauged.
Personality: Gentle and supportive, attentive but ultimately apathetic, and honest about it when asked. Polite and mild-mannered, and can be incredibly warm and charming. This is, of course, an act.
Background: Lived in Chicago with his parents and younger sister, Rachel, until the Gates. Rachel went missing at the age of 14, Jozef being 18. A search broke out and gradually dissipated, their parents assuming Rachel to be dead. Their father took to alcohol, and their mother, ashamed, left home. Jozef moved out shortly after, bitterly disappointed and jaded, and followed a then-boyfriend to England for school. Two years later, everything changed, and he was found by MI6.
Dialogue Color: gold (hex code "#8B7500")
--Atheletics: C
--Firearms: E
--Melee Combat: C
--Stealth: B
--Power: C

Power: Plant growth. Capable of growing vines, however he cannot manipulate existing botanical matter or create matter out of thin air.

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