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Post  Damascus on Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:37 pm

Your primary character is a member of MI6, and will follow orders given to you by your direct superior. Your group is rather small, and most of you are known by your aliases, named after the months of the year. You can be either a human, Contractor, or Doll. The choice is up to you, but if you wish, it can be a secret until it is revealed in-game!

Everyone is allowed to create two characters for the sake of the RP. The second character may be a member of MI6, but doesn’t need to be. You are free to place your second character under any other organization or be unaffiliated, and may be either good or evil!

Your characters may die at any moment. Provided you don’t intentionally lead your character to their demise for the hell of it, you can create a new character as soon as one of them dies, in order to replace it.

Here's the Character Profile skeleton. Create a new topic in this forum and fill out the following fields.

Type: (Human, Contractor, or Doll)
Physical Appearance: (include picture reference if you have one)
Background: (If your character is a Contractor or Doll, major events in their lives will depend on this. They may have been involved in covert operations or wars, or may have simply been cold-hearted loners. Most such beings became who they are when the gates appeared, but some did not “awaken” until much later. It’s possible to just be going about your daily business, before suddenly losing all emotion and becoming aware of your newfound ability.)
Dialogue Color: (It's useful to color your character's dialogue to make it easier to pick out and differentiate)
Proficiencies: You have a total number of points to distribute among the following proficiencies, the cost of which are listed right here: (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1) If your character is a trained figher, he/she gets 14 points. If you specialize in intelligence, science or other non-combat oriented positions, you get 7.
--Atheletics: Used whenever climbing, dodging, or the like.
--Firearms: Details accuracy and knowledge of the use of guns.
--Melee Combat: Use of both weapons and your own god-given fists and feet to use as lethal weapons.
--Stealth: Used whenever trying to hide or sneak by someone.
--Power: Proficiency in using your Contractor power. A high rating denotes improvising new and interesting ways to use your power, or the intensity of your power itself. Ignore this proficiency if you are not a Contractor.

Power you wish to have – If approved, I will message you with a more detailed description of your power and exactly how it is to be used. Along with that, I will send you your specific remuneration that must be performed to carry out your contract. I will also send you your given Messier number, for which star is yours, catalogued by the Astronomical Division.

Medium – You must be in physical contact with your medium, such as holding your hand against a window or standing in shallow water. I will message you about far away you can send your Specter.

If you wish to keep your identity as a Contractor or Doll a secret, and you certainly can, you can send the appropriate info directly to me instead of posting it here.

Remember to play your part! If you are a human, you get no special powers, but can play as pretty much any kind of person you want.

As a Contractor, you get super powers, but are very emotionally limited. While you have certain likes and dislikes, a sense of humor, and attraction to others, you have nothing that could be described as anger, sadness, or joy. You have personality, but analyze anything by cost and benefit, care primarily about yourself, and have no overreaching ethical ideals. You also never dream.

As a Doll, you can see anything in sight of your medium within a given radius. Yes, if your medium is water, you can see everything near liquid water. But, you have absolutely no personality, emotion, or free will. The only time your character will have actual character is when it is loaded into their body.


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