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Name: Bayle Falain
Type: human
Age: 27
Race/Nationality:half american half japanese
Physical Appearance: short black hair, green eyes, HAT
[PC] Bayle Falain Bayle3
Personality: An extremely confident businesswoman. She can be very ruthless if she's trying to get something she wants. She can be very kind however and likes to share. She's also very lustful.
Background: She was born to an american mother and japanese father. She inherited her father's weapons dealing business after he was killed by a black market competitor. She never really liked her mother. She has a pretty normal childhood so that doesn't particularly matter. She sells weapons to MI6.
Dialogue Color: green!
Proficiencies: You have a total number of points to distribute among the following proficiencies, the cost of which are listed right here: (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1) If your character is a trained fighter, he/she gets 14 points. If you specialize in intelligence, science or other non-combat oriented positions, you get 7.
--Atheletics: C
--Firearms: A
--Melee Combat:C
--Stealth: C


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